Grocery stores discontinue reusable bag discounts

Photo Credit: Amanda_Wills

Major grocery stores chains Kroger and Safeway recently began to phase out reusable bag discounts in their stores.

A spokesperson from Kroger told USA Today: “The company has found no significant difference between reusable bag frequency in markets with rebates and those without them.”

Instead of offering discounts, grocery stores are using other methods to remind shoppers to use bring their own bag. Kroger is putting up parking lot signs, handing out coupons for reusable bags, holding giveaways, and offering recycling containers for the bags that are used. Safeway is offering 10 percent off of its line of eco-friendly home products to shoppers who use their “Bright Green” reusable bag.

I think that discounts are wonderful rewards for people who already use their own bags. The best way to cut down on plastic bag usage, however, is to stop offering them completely. That will provide incentive for people to bring their own.

On another note, make sure that your reusable bag isn’t toxic!

What do you think that stores can do to encourage shoppers to use their own bags?

You can read more about this topic here.

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