10 Items You Can Buy Reusable

Photo Credit: Earth911.com: Amanda_Wills

Reusable shopping bags and water bottles are standard—but how much thought have you given to other reusable items?

This list from Earth911 gives 10 single-use household items and a reusable alternative.

  1. Produce and bulk food bags: You might have remembered to bring your reusable shopping bag, but what do you use for produce? A single-use plastic bag? Luckily, reusable produce bags exist.
  2. Coffee filters: Instead of using a new filter each time you make a cup of coffee, try a gold or a hemp filter instead.
  3. Wrapping paper: Although I love the concept of reusable wrapping paper, the options I saw ranged from $5-$10 each in price, which can really add up if you have to buy it each time you buy a gift. Maybe it would be useful for a select group of family and friends?
  4. Gum stimulator: This can be used as a replacement for dental floss, since it essentially serves the same purpose.
  5. Drinking straws: If you can’t kick the plastic straw habit, switch to reusable ones! Stainless steel and glass straws are great alternatives to plastic ones. There are also some BPA-free reusable plastic straws on the market.
  6. Cotton balls: If you use cotton balls to remove makeup and apply medication on wounds, chances are you go through several a day. By buying some reusable cotton rounds, you can save quite a few cotton balls from entering landfills.
  7. Sandwich bags: Instead of using disposable sandwich bags, try reusable ones! Many are BPA- and lead-free, and some are even dishwasher safe!
  8. Toothbrush: Toothbrushes made from recycled content exist, but you still have to toss them out every couple of months. Another option is to use a toothbrush with a reusable head—that way only part of the toothbrush is being tossed.
  9. Drycleaning bags: Plastic bags used by drycleaners are such a waste, especially when reusable options are out there. If you go to a drycleaner on a regular basis, a using cloth garment bag instead will save quite a few plastic bags from entering landfills.
  10. Dryer sheets: How many loads of laundry do you do each week? Now if you use a single-use dryer sheet for each load, quite a few dryer sheets are ending up in landfills. Reusable dryer sheets can be a great alternative—some can even be used for up to 500 laundry loads per sheet!

What reusable items do you use in your household?

For more information about these items, check out Earth911’s article.

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