UN Project Will Track US E-Waste

Shocking news: Most people forget to recycle their old electronics.

Maybe that news isn’t so shocking after all. You probably know people with piles of old electronics in their garage or attic. I know that I used to be guilty of doing the same thing.

In an attempt to do something about the growing electronic waste problem, the United Nations has launched a project called Solving the E-Waste Problem (StEP).

This project will work with port officials in West Africa and Asia to track all electronics that enter developing countries for repair or recycling.

“Tracking flows around the world … is fundamental to work out solutions,” Executive Secretary of StEP Ruediger Kuehr told Reuters.

According to the StEP website, the program also hopes to educate the public about the e-waste problem, optimize the lifecycle of electronic equipment, increase utilization of resources and reuse of equipment, and exercise concern about disparities between developing and developed countries in terms of technology.

Do you think this will help our e-waste problem? Let us know in the comments below.

You can read more about this topic here, and check out the StEP website here.

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